1, 2, Drei – Anna Virnich at FIAC (off)icielle

This year, I decided to only go to (OFF)icielle, the off part of the FIAC, which hosted some galleries that I knew have a good programme (Rod Barton, Elaine Levy, Stigter van Doesburg, ..). These are usually located on the first floor of the Grand Palais where one can find the most interesting selection of the FIAC, but this year were secluded at the other side of Paris. I must say I was quite disappointed by the overal quality of this new venture that is (OFF)icielle (except for the galleries I knew already) and I am not sure about the added value of it.  One pleasant surprise was to meet the dynamic guys from Drei Gallery in Cologne, who presented a refreshing artist Anna Virnich, who oscillates between painting and sculpture. Although she is best described as a sculptor working with fabric, there is something very painterly about her work.

photo 3 photo 1

The 30 year old German artist had a solo show last spring in Drei When you Dance with the Devil.


Copyright: DREI


And she was shown at NADA by DREI last year (more pictures by Dust magazine here):


copyright: Dust Magazine

Anna Virsnich in her studio.



Copyright: artistintheworld.com



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