New girl in town

Some weeks ago  I visited the presentation of this year’s Wiels’ residents, who had been invited to assume the toilsome challenge of declaring their record and upcoming projects in 12-minutes long power point presentations. Overall, the evening proved an engaging and pleasant occasion for discovering the artists that will buoy up our city’s cultural panorama in the year to come. Several participants caught my eye, and I am delighted to share the word about Svenja Deininger by reposting some images of her harmonious, seemingly abstract paintings on this blog.

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Svenja told me she’s off to a fresh start in Brussels, her studio empty as all her paintings were recently shipped off to New York where they will be exhibited at Frieze (4-7 May, at Galerie Martin Janda, booth A28). So I hope to have the possibility to share more of her work in the future, while leaving you to enjoy the pictures without any explanation for now (indeed, during the evening participants recurrently discussed how much account can there be to an art work without its expressiveness being lost in translation).

 Welcome to Brussels, Svenja!
PS. Austrian by origin, Svenja studied in Germany, first at the Kunstakademie Münster for prof. Timm Ulrichs and later at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, where her teacher was the great Prof. Albert Oehlen.
— AEP —

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