Ponyhof at POPPOSITIONS off fair (2)

As was announced in the previous post, Ponyhof will participate in POPPOSITIONS, a brand new off-fair taking place during Art Brussels and exhibiting galleries and other spaces working with site-specific exhibitions. The quirky architecture and spirit of the venue — the Bruxelles Congrès railway station — will constitute the context for showing and seeing the different works.

Not your usual art fair, POPPOSITIONS will host maximum seven galleries and other platforms presenting two artists each: this rule is meant to forestall visual overload. We therefore asked Aurélien Dupuis and Karen Vermeren to represent us. They are both trained as painters but tend to use other mediums than oil whilst keeping a ‘painterly’ quality in their practice, thereby presenting two original approaches to contemporary painting.

Bruxelles Congrès Station, credit: Sarah Suco Torres

Inspired by the station’s underground atmosphere, ribbed stone columns and humid climate, Karen suggested a project linking Congrès to the caves of Han in southern Belgium. As we set forth on this blog already, Karen takes her inspiration from natural sights and tries to capture their beauty and mystery as well as their physical structure and substance, the history and processes that shaped them. Caves play a special role in art history: as venues of some of the earliest examples of painting, as quarries providing sculptors with marble. However, Karen’s interest is primarily geological: she conducts thorough research in order to understand how her subjects function and incorporates these insights into her artistic practice. Tape enables her to create depth and portray the tectonic structure and underlying layers of the mountains that she often chooses as her topics, while her choice of colours and composition provides her work with a “painterly” impression. Finally, Karen always works with site-specific works inserting references to the exhibition space into the work on display. This way, viewers strolling around the exhibition are made aware of both their visual borders and the venue in general.

Welcome back tomorrow for a presentation of Aurélien’s work!

POPPOSITIONS off fair is on at Bruxelles Congrès from 20-22 April, 12-9 PM, with a Friday opening party and performances by invited guests from 9 PM until late. Participants include: Dougie Eynon & Nicolas Bourthoumieux (Abilene Gallery), Gérard Meurant (or nothing), Jan Kempenaers & Sarah Van Marcke (Outlandish), Aurélien Dupuis & Karen Vermeren (Ponyhof Gallery), Stephanie Lagarde & Cyril Verde (thankyouforcoming) and Alan Fertil & Damien Teixidor (The Ister), as well as Théophile’s Papers, Document and Villa Léopolda. A programme of art talks, including curators Devrim Bayar (WIELS, Le Salon) and Emmanuel Lambion (Maison Grégoire, Bn Projects) as well as Agata Jastrząbek and the artist Kenneth Andrew Mroczek on the latter’s book ‘Y€$, I see stars’ and the aesthetics of the public place in Brussels, will be made available on the POPPOSITIONS website
Entry is free and open for all!

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