Nicolas Van Kerckhove’s painterly loitering

Live in Ghent, or planning to travel through? Don’t miss the exhibition of Ponyhof painter Nicolas Van Kerckhove at De Zebrastraat.

Nicolas’ recent work is a contemplation of the abundance of pictures generated by the Internet, many of whom are very boring — like the captures dispatched by a google street view webcam showing a snow-laden road at different times of the day, or the profile picture of a teenager on skype. Nicolas explained to me that their banality first disappointed, then attracted him: there was a possibility of something happening, someone entering the frame, the profile picture changing to the better. This sense of waiting — ranging from great expectations to simple loitering — hovers over his paintings, providing per se uneventful topics with a very poetic quality.

The very gifted photographer Joke De Wilde visited Nicolas in his studio as he was getting ready for the show. We are very happy to present some of her pictures on the Ponyhof blog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The exhibition is on at De Zebrastraat (32/001, 9000 Ghent) from 1 March to 1 April 2012, opening on 1 March at 20.00

Read our text on the uncanniness of Nicolas’ work and visit our website to see more of his work.


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