A three course dinner by Jan Offe, or so they wanted us to believe

When we went to have dinner at the excellent Gallery D.O.R. in Brussels a couple of weeks ago, I had no clue we would be creating a canvas almost rivaling with Cy Tombly’s work! The “three course meal” is the Chapter 3 of Darko Dragičević intervention at D.O.R. Every night for four days, imaginary artist Jan Offe invites guests for a three course dinner. The idea is simple: you all sit together around a table, without plates, nor cutlery, but instead with circles drawn straight on a table cloth/canvas and food stacked directly on it. Guests have to use their finger to eat their food and just freely enjoy their meal. 
The dinner was vegetarian and pretty innovative. Darko Dragičević (b. 1979, Belgrade) sat with us as well as Sverre Gullesen, one of the three Norwegian gallery owners, and John Holten (b. 1984 in Ireland) an Irish writer and editor living in Berlin, prepared the main course and served us.
Besides the interesting social interactions, guests are gradually aware that their dinner will be one of the 4 canvases presented at the finissage of the exhibition (two other “table clothes” are already hanging on the walls) and guests feel pressure.
The result is signed Jan Offe and entitled Three course meal (2011) mushy peas, tomatoes, onions, red cabbage, red peppers, mash potatoes, salty chocolate, rice cake, pumpkin pudding, red and white wine, cigarettes ashes on canvas. And I swear it was beautiful. Just look at the pictures (the little devil appeared accidently, Darko seemed a bit scared at the idea).
All pictures by Darko Dragicevic
D.O.R. Gallery

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