Ponyhof ZondagsGalerij #3: Wouter van de Koot “The Switch”

Ponyhof Gallery shows for its third edition of its ZondagsGalerij works of Wouter van de Koot, who graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Art in Utrecht (The Netherlands) in an exhibition titled “The Switch”. This exhibition follows  “Cheating Changes” the first Sunday Gallery, a group show with Céline Felga, Jens Hesse and Joseph Jessen, and the second one “Decorative Violence”, a solo show of Valerie Dubois.

The show aims to unveil his process in reproducing images that he initially staged himself and always seeks to re-use.  The exhibition is also meant to be a challenge for the viewer to follow Wouter in his process, to compare the pictures with one another and to make the visual switch.

Van de Koot’s  re- working of an image enables him to take distance and to treat the initial personal and emotionally laden subject matter more and more like an object. In this process he diminishes or sublimates the role of subject in such a way as to allow form a chance to take center stage. In essence, form becomes the subject. He wants to see how far he can get towards the abstract without losing his own feeling with the image.


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