“Oh my, there are paintings everywhere!”

…is the sentence I have been repeating the whole day. This weekend was Brussels Art Days, and at my grande surprise, all I saw in downtown Brussels was paintings. I remember three or four years ago going to the Prix de la Jeune Peinture Belge (literally the Prize for Young Belgium Painting) and barely recollect seeing a single painting. This year, there was almost a prominency for painting in Downtown Brussels.  So yes, painting seems to be back for now – you never know painting keeps dying and resurrecting – and it’s not abc berlin contemporary “about painting” which will contradict this, and Ponyhof is happy about it!

Michael Van den Abeele (11 September – 1 November at Elisa Platteau & Cie)

Michael Van den Abeele - Verschijning van het zeldzame aan het veelvoorkomende, 2011 Oil on canvas 89 x 116 cm

David Brian Smith and Oliver Perkins (11 September – 28 October at Galerie VidalCuglietta

David Brian Smith - My soul hath a remembrance and is humbled in me II (2011), Oil on herringbone linen, 180 x 150

Sergej Jensen (10 september to 15 October at Dépendance)

Sergej Jensen - untitled (2009) 55 x 50 cm

Charlotte Beaudry (10 September to 22 October  at AliceDay)

Charlotte Beaudry - Untitled (2011), oil on canvas and wall, 40 x 30 cm


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