Art Cologne’s picks

I am quite an Art Cologne aficionado, probably because I like German painting and German galleries a lot, but I always appreciated the quality of the selection presented, especially on the second floor. So here I was last week-end at Art Cologne, wandering methodically through the alleys, regularly stopping for a break at the Kölsch corner. The last years some large galleries were neglecting Art Cologne for Berlin Art Forum, but this year seems to be marked by a come-back of all the galleries that matters. To list all my picks would probably take far too long, so I’ll have to endeavour to be concise…(and later I’ll make a pick of the Galleries that particularly got my attention).

Gadient Markus (2011) Serendipity Serie Nr. 46, 220 cm x 172 cm (TONY WUETHRICH GALERIE)

Ikemura Leiko (2000-2001) Lying with Blue Face, 110 cm x 150 cm (TONY WUETHRICH GALERIE)

Peter Frie "Last Summer" (LARS BOHNMAN GALLERY)

Carsten Fock (2010) Untitled (SEPTEMBER GALLERY)

Nicola Samori (2010) Lamina 40x30 (GALERIE CHRISTIAN EHRENTRAUT)

Daniel Richter (2005) Untitled 40 x 30 cm (GALERIE HAAS AG)

Stefan Müller (2010) "Karibu when you go I will follow try to go before you leave", Acryl, marker, dirt on linen (GALERIE BÄRBEL GRÄSSLIN)


2 responses to “Art Cologne’s picks

  1. Your blogs is very nice..hope it will continue for many years.

  2. The paint are simple yet so nice to watch.

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