Art Rotterdam’s picks

Last week-end was Art Rotterdam. My first time at this rather young and intimate fair (if you can say so about a fair). I can’t believe though that a couple of years ago it still hosted amateur works and now it boasts a good selection of up-and-coming galleries. The fair takes place at the cruise terminal ‘Las Palmas’, near Hotel New-York and offers a view on the infamous Erasmus bridge and the harbour of Rotterdam.  Here a little condensé of our picks.

Adam Leech is an American artist, both a painter and videast, who produces painterly videos. He lives and works in Brussels. Besides the reference to Bacon, I was attracted by the way the artist deals with decoration in painting, still in my quest of what is the use of painting in 2011…to follow.

Adam Leech (2011) 'Window' - Galerie Hoet Beckaert

Nice discovery of Spanish artist David Predraza who lives and works in the Netherlands. I was first attracted by his style because it instantly reminded me of our Céline Felga. He plunges the viewer in a very uncomfortable world dominated by catholic references, which could only echo my own childhood spent in a very catholic school. To follow too…


David Pedraza ‘Comunión 2’ (communion 2). Oil on linen. 200 x 150 cm. 2010. Galerie Gabriel Rolt

It was this particular painting of Nanda Runge that attracted my eyes, not sure why, it reminds me of a Wolfgang Tillmans pictures or a former personal passion for biology, the very descriptive and direct picture of those plants. This is the thing with fairs, it’s great, you discover a lot in one day, meet people, see much, but without getting into anything…one piece per artist, a short insight into galleries’ programmes, too much too see.

Nanda Runge – Galerie van den Berge

But what I appreciated above all was the whole galerie programme of Eva Winkeler which focusses only on paintings and other medium relating or alluding to painting. Each single artist this gallery presents is a gem.

Peyman Ratimi - Untitled (2010), silkscreen and oil on paper, 95 x 124 - Galerie Eva Winkeler

Martin Hoener 'Farbewerte 2' ( 2008) Acrylic on canvas, 145cm × 118cm - Galerie Eva Winkeler (different painting than the one presented at the fair)

Eva is a very engaging and friendly person and her selection really worth being seen, in case you are in Köln or Frankfurt, make sure to pass by her gallery.

Liv Vaisberg


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